What I learned in January….


Well January is all wrapped up and there are some things I learned this month that I thought I would share.  Emily Freeman over at her blog has a link up party each month for others to share what they learned too.

  1. Democracy Jeans.  Ok so it is was time for me to accept that Old Navy or Target might not make the best jeans for a 42 year old Mom of 4. I went shopping with a friend to Nordstrom Rack (which I hardly ever do) and she was exchanging a pair of Democracy Jeans for a different size.  I decided to give these jeans a try.  To say I love them would be an understatement.  They have a stretchy band around the waist that makes my muffin top so happy. (Did I just admit to my muffin top online?) Try them out for $39 they were so worth it.  
  2. Kids remember what to do when there is money involved.  We could talk for days about philosophies on kids doing work around the house.  They are part of our family and are expected to help out. But in our house this was a constant battle.  I was nagging all the time and so frustrated with kids not taking care of their own stuff. This month we started using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Jr.  It has been a game changer around here.  All four kids have charts with chores which they get paid for on Sunday.  I have nagged less and more has been done this week than ever before.  They have to do their jobs every day to earn commision at the end of the week.  If they miss one day then no pay.  Check it out it.
  3. Planning for lunch after church on Sunday is a great idea.  Our church doesn’t get out till 12:30 and we get home around 1 each week.  This makes lunch late and people are starving.  The last 3 weeks I have put something in the crockpot for lunch.  It has been so nice to walk into lunch already prepared.
  4. I love Periscope.  Are you familiar with Periscope?  It is kind of like a live YouTube.  You can subscribe to people on the app and then you will be notified when they are live. You can interact and comment while they are talking.  It has been fun to get to know new bloggers and also to hear the voices behind their words.  My favorite scoper is Stacey from Humorous Homemaking.  She is really funny.  I am thinking about starting to use Periscope. I would love to have you join me soon.
  5. Motherhood can be lonely. This year is a big year of transition for me.  My baby is in school everyday for a full day.  So that means I can count on alone time 5 days a week.  I dreamed of these days and am loving them.  But there is something interesting that has happened I have gotten lonely.  Although I love the quiet and the freedom it brings me, it is a real transition.  I am looking at this time as a chance for new opportunities and new friendships.  Also being confident that I will find my groove in this new stage but that it will take time.

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Wise Words

So today we went to the library to return books and just hang out.  When returning the books I realized that there were a lot of books I hadn’t read to Madeline and Tanner.  My husband Jeff does the bedtime routine mostly so he reads the stories.  I am always realizing that this time with my littles is short so I should take the time to read with them.  So today during bedtime we read The Kissing Hand.  It is a great book if you don’t know it.  My two kiddos snuggled up to me as I read and I thought to myself this is what it should be like.  I need to remember to spend time with them not sjust care for them.  Then it came time to read our devotional book.  My husband and I have joked that usually someone is yelling, spilling something or hitting their brother when we read the Bible.  It is not usually a sweet scene of Biblical truths being shared.  But tonight I thought just maybe I could share a little nugget of God’s truth to them that they would tuck away in their precious little hearts.  So the devotion was from Proverbs 10:31 A good person says wise things.  It talked about Zoe and Jack whispering wise words to each other.  It said that wise words are helpful, truthful and kind.  When I was finished reading Madeline nuzzled up to my ear to tell me a wise word or so I hoped.  In her sweetest little voice she said “Scary Poop!”  Really “SCARY POOP!”  I just looked at her paused and started to laugh.  What more can I do in all of these crazy moments that I get a front row seat to.  Hang in there Mamas!  Ending another crazy day here at the Grable’s house.