Hope for the Weary Mom


At the beginning of the year we all try to make some improvements.  You can call it goals, resolutions or life changes.  Well if one of your goals is to spend more time in God’s word I would highly recommend Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional.  

The authors of this devotional Stacy Thacker and Brooke McGlothin have real hearts for Moms in the trenches.

We dreamed of a book that would point moms right to Jesus—our source of hope. Something they could read in the morning or during nap-time or while they were in the car line at school.

A way for God’s truth to intersect the daily reality of a weary mom’s life…

Something they could read every day or reference during seasons that were particularly hard.

They are hosting a 40 Day Challenge of Hope for Weary Moms!


Check out the website Hope for the Weary Mom to find out all the info about how to get involved and be encouraged.


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