Hello Mornings

10495693_4526559258592_4295991574255697725_oIt is quiet and the kids are in bed, the house is clean and “Friday Night Lights” is waiting for me on Netflix.  In the season of motherhood I have been in for the last 11 years I would cherish my time at night.  I even thought I deserved it.  But what was meant to be just 1 show and a decent bedtime turned into more episodes and falling asleep on the couch.  Can anyone relate?

Then the morning time would come around and I would hear my kids in the hallway and want to crawl back in bed.  When they are really little I had no chose to get up, feed, and change them.

I am a night owl through and through.  Sleeping in has been my deal for all of my life.  I am just not a morning person.  Some people just naturally get up early.  But what I have learned is that getting up early is really more about going to bed at a decent time and getting a good night sleep.

So many things changed for me when I read a little ebook called “Maximizing you Mornings” by Kat Lee at the blog Inspired to Action. 

In this ebook she writes about why getting up in the morning is important.  She challenges you to spend time with God, exercise, and plan your day before your kiddos get up.  Now I know some of you are thinking that if your kids know your eyes are open they will meet you in the hallway at o dark 30.  But I challenge you to give it a try.

My favorite part of my story about getting up is that it has been a process not perfection. I still stay up too late sometimes and turn off my alarm.  But over these last 6 months or so it is becoming a habit. This last year I have learned so much about slow, small life changes over time become habits.

Out of the book “Maximize your Mornings” came a wonderful community called Hello Mornings.  The Hello Mornings Challenge was birthed to encourage Christian woman to begin to make the life giving habit of getting up in the morning a priority.

Hello Mornings sets you up with an accountability group and a 6 week Bible study to use in your morning time with the Lord.  They also have tools for exercising and planning your day.

Today begins a new challenge at Hello Mornings and this time I am leading a group online through a private Facebook page to spur along women to make the choice to get up early to start your day off right.  I would love for you to join me!

If you have any questions let me know I would love to help.


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