5 Tips to Making Eating Dinner as a Family a Priority

family dinners

Food is a big part of my job as a mom. They want food all the time and it is my job to make sure it is there. I am convinced that in this day and age of the internet we have
made dinner time way too complicated. Remember when people used cookbooks and not Pinterest to choose new recipes. These days we are bombarded with so much info organic, Gluten free, healthy, crock pot, quick meals to name a few. Not to mention our schedules which are way too overbooked which makes meal time a huge time crunch.

But think about it we have to feed our families every day not just once but 3 times. It is a job of motherhood we can’t just decided to quit. You can take days, weeks, even months off of cleaning the bathtub or making beds but the need to make meals is not going to go away.

So just accept it and let’s work together to make this a priority. We all are at different levels with meal planning and dinner time. I was blessed to grow up in a home where dinner as a family was a priority. My mom cooked dinner and we ate together. I know this is not everyone’s experience so I am hoping to help you.

So here are my tips to get you started.

1. Start small. Pick 1 day a week that you can make dinner and eat together. Choose a night that you don’t have a sports event or a meeting and you have the time to make dinner.

2. Make something you know your family likes. Keep it simple something like rotisserie chicken from Costco, grapes, steamed broccoli and french bread.

3. Sit at the table with the TV off.

4. Don’t expect dinner to be this sweet quiet event.  Dinner at our house is crazy.  There is a lot of training going on.  In fact there has been a time that Spiderman showed up at dinner time.  There have been some great conversations and some really funny times too.

5.  Ask friends for favorite family recipes.  I have used Facebook for getting new recipes so much.  Check out my Menu Planning Monday posts.

Time together as a family is so important to me.  I believe that dinner time is a way to keep our families connected.  My goal is to create a place were my kids feel safe and have a play to belong.  In a world were there is so much uncertainty I want my family to be able to count on family dinners.  The task can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  Join the community on my Facebook page to be encouraged in your journey to make family dinners part of your day.



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