Wild Obedience In The Small Things


My outfits were chosen, business cards made, and plane flights booked.  The day had finally come for me to attend The Declare Conference.  Five days away from the regular routine without my family to learn more about the art of blogging.  My nerves were definitely on high alert.  Generally speaking I am an extrovert so meeting new people was exciting but a little scary too. What would people think of me? Would I fit in?

My sweet friend Becky at Declare.

In the last month my mind and heart continue to process all that God taught me while I was in Dallas.

The theme of the conference was Wild Obedience. When I think about Wild Obedience I tend to go big like moving to Africa and serving Jesus.  It seems like growing up in the church that was what I learned.  What I didn’t realize back then was that wild obedience is small decisions made daily to obey.  Following Jesus in my life hasn’t been big moves to Africa or moving to the inner city but daily choices to build my relationship with Jesus.  In turn as I build my relationship with Jesus my life begins to look different.  Choosing to wildly obey each day leads me to what I believe is God’s will for me which has to do more with my character than it has to do with my location.

It is funny as I sit and write this today over a month after getting back from my trip I am better able to process all that I learned there.  I have always loved blogs.  They have been inspirational, helpful, and just fun to read.  Over the years I have always wanted to blog more regularly.  I want to encourage other moms in this journey of motherhood, share recipes and make people laugh about the craziness that goes on in my house.

But to be honest blogging was more about me than it was about God.  I wanted people to know me and like me.  Validate who I am and that I am doing a good job as a mom.  What I found at Declare was that I wanted people to know me there too.  It was so interesting to watch the “Big Bloggers” and want them to see me.  I recently finished a book called Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee.  The premise of the book is that we have made the need to  be loved and in my case validated from others an idol.  We spend so much time wanting people to like us when the God, who we should see as our audience, already loves us no matter what.  The God of all creation has told us that we are already “pre approved”.  He loves us unconditionally.  That so goes against this world we live in.  Man is that something I struggle with. Even here on this blog I want people to comment and tell me ow much they like it.

So many things learned and so many lessons I was taught while at Declare.  My biggest take away was that I am to Wildly Obey God in my daily life here at 1367 Valeview Ave.  Each day I chose to place God first in my day as I teach and love on my own family.  As far as blogging goes I want to use this space online to encourage and love on people on this journey.  I want God to be honored ad glorified in what I do here not seek approval from anyone but God.  I want this place to be more of Jesus and less of me.  I don’t want to seek my validation here when I already have it in Jesus.


Airport fun with Tex Mex and my friends Jacque and Alia

Join me on this journey of blogging as I put into practice all the spiritual and practical things I learned at my first blogging conference.  Stay tuned for more encouragement and practical tips here at Laundry Prayers.


10 thoughts on “Wild Obedience In The Small Things

  1. I love this, Amy, and I can SO relate! I love that you are willing to be real and available to the community in front of you, whether it’s online or in daily life. Keep chasing hard after God and He will surely make your path straight…and bless all of us who are privileged to walk it with you.

  2. Really great stuff here, I especially liked – “Following Jesus in my life hasn’t been big moves to Africa or moving to the inner city but daily choices to build my relationship with Jesus.” Keep up the great work…


  3. Love, love your honesty and transparency and also your desire to grow more in Him! Love the way you lead your family each day by example of putting Him first!

  4. As the mother of your husband, and the grandmother of your wonderful children I feel, ever so, blessed to have a daughter-in-law who not only is walking in the footsteps of Jesus by life-example; but is also willing to be honest about the struggles and blessings of life. Keep learning and growing – you are a blessing!

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