Five Minute Friday -Begin

Five Minute Friday New

Today i am joining Lisa-Jo Baker for her last time hosting Five Minute Friday. Each week a group of writers come together to write on a particular word.  The plan is to write for 5 minutes only with overthinking, over editing, or over stressing.  Just write what is put on your heart without worrying about it being perfect.

The word is begin.

This next week I am excited to begin a new adventure in the world of blogging.  Since 2005 I am been reading blogs online.  I have followed many people and watched the blogging world explode. So this week I am taking a big step and attending a blogging conference in Dallas Texas called Declare.  I am praying that this will be the push I need to write regularly on this blog.

I am so excited to learn so much and be encouraged as I begin this journey.  My hope is that through my blog I will be able to encourage Moms in the every day journey of motherhood.  As I begin this week I am anticipating how God is going to use me to encourage others to seek Him each day

Beginnings can be scary as we step out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves.  But I feel privileged to begin this new path with Jesus leading the way.

So come along and join the ride with me.


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