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Today I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the community of Five Minute Friday.  The idea is to follow the word prompt given by Lisa and write for 5 minutes.  Don’t over think it, edit, or plan just write what is in your heart and head.

This week the word is “Lost”

Well this week I am a little late for the party because I was at a St Louis Cardinal game at Dodger stadium and they lost.  Every time I go see them there they lose.  I have been a Cardinal baseball fan for as long as I can remember.  Both my grandfathers were Cardinal fans along with my Dad, brother, uncles, and cousins.  You get the idea for years.

Cardinal game

But the great thing about being a Cardinal fan in this stage of life is that my 3 boys LOVE the Cardinals too which is unfortunate only for my husband who is a Dodger fan.

As my boys get older I am loving that we have things in common that we can enjoy together.  My 6 year old asks me every morning many times when do the Cardinals play today and who is pitching.

It seems like the society makes us think that when our kids enter the preteen or teenage years they aren’t going to like us and it is going to be dreadful.  My oldest is 11 and a half.  He will be in middle school this next year.  I am finding that I am enjoying him more than I ever thought.  We talk baseball, watch food network, and he can play cards now.

Playing with my kids when they are little has sometimes been difficult for me.  When we played cars the teacher in me made them sort by color or line up biggest to smallest.  When we played legos I spent more time sorting the pieces to find all the men and accessories that I did building things.

As they get older I am really enjoying building a relationship with them.  I would much rather play hearts or spoons than Chutes and Ladder any day.

What about your kids getting older do you enjoy?  I would love for you to share with me some of your favorite big kid memories or things you look forward to?

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Lost

  1. Love your writing style. So nice that you can enjoy your games together! I’m loving how my oldest (son) is finding his voice, finding the way to express all tye amazing thoughts he has. Its just beautiful to see.

  2. When my girls hit their teen years, we started date times–coffee Friday with my oldest, and wild adventures in hiking with my youngest. We still go on ‘dates’ and ‘adventures’ whenever we can, even though the oldest is married and the youngest is away at college. Now that they’re in their twenties, I can honestly say that they’re my best girl friends (my husband will always remain my best friend).

  3. Guess what?! I live in the city of the Cardinals! When they are headed to a World Series, the glee is tangible!

    My children are now 21, 18, 15, and 13. My husband and I are struggling with ways to stay connected, not only with each of them as individuals, but with all of them as a family. The oldest is away at college, the 18 hr-old has a job and will be joining his brother at the university in August. What has worked for sure is for us to be present at their sporting and dance events, to encourage the siblings to be their for the big stuff. When they have all flown the nest, I will fill a bucket with my tears. It all went by waaaaay too quickly!

    :-)Chrissy at ReadWriteSing
    (thank you for your sweet comment on my post)

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