Five Minute Friday – Release

Five Minute Friday NewToday I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the community of Five Minute Friday.  The idea is to follow the word prompt given by Lisa and write for 5 minutes.  Don’t over think it, edit, or plan just write what is in your heart and head.

Today the word is “release”.

When I think about the word release the first thing that comes to mind is release point. Recently I was playing catch with my second son who is 9.  Our house is all about baseball all the time.  Two boys have played baseball this season and really done well.

You see I played lots of years of sports and loved it all.  I was a softball and basketball player.  So I have played catch many times.  But something happened to me when I was about 18 or so after high school.  I had a hard time playing catch.  My “release” point was either way to high or way to low.  I tried to throw normal and something was wrong.  So for many years I just didn’t play.  I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

But this particular day we were at the park and he asked me to play catch.  I told him I wasn’t very good at throwing any more.  He told me it was ok.  As we played catch he would encourage me after each throw.  “Nice throw Mom”  or give me a little instruction about my release point.  It was sweet and not too embarrassing.  Even when it messed up I kept trying.

So many times in my life I avoid things because I am afraid to fail.  It is better to not try than it is to try and be terrible.  Why is that?  This year I turned 41 and something has happened to me in my 40″s (uh that is crazy to say).  I am realizing how much there is to learn still in life.  I am missing out on some amazing opportunities by sitting on the sidelines and watching.

One area of my life that I am taking a leap of faith in is blogging.  I have read blogs since 2005 and wanted to be a consistent blogger but I was busy and scared.  I am not a writer, who will read what I have to write were just a few of my excuses. Well this year I am finally taking the plunge.  I am even going to a blogging conference this August in Dallas called Declare.  I am so excited and nervous.

I am ready to get up from the sidelines and join the game.  Mistakes or not I am excited to see where this blogging journey will take me.

What are you waiting to do?  What will it take for you to get up off the sidelines?  Join me and take the first step to your next adventure.



21 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Release

  1. I LOVE your post! I can relate. I also turned 41 this year (yes, it is crazy to say) and my first book is coming out July 2nd. God is faithful, but it can be intimidating to dive into new waters. Keep writing, friend! Your story matters!!!

  2. And I’m so excited for YOU! 40’s is your decade, friend! I know it. Blessed to be on this journey with you. I know God has a special plan for your gifting in connecting with people and facilitating conversations that matter by peeling back the layers of your own life. Can’t wait to see where the Lord continues to lead you. (And I can’t wait for Declare!!)

  3. Amy – Love that you can use everyday situations to bring home a truth. I will be thinking about my “release point” this next week: what and when will I release my fear and anxiety to God. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh friend. To see you here, writing, and sharing such truth? I just can’t tell you how happy I am that you are in this game and “releasing” your words to the world. As writers, we choose to see–to be noticers of life and dare to put into words what our hearts are learning and processing. I don’t consider myself an innate writer either, but this noticing has become a way of living and the writing a part of how I now see. I’m guessing it will become the same for you. Thank you for your word picture tonight. And I’ll be pondering it as I do what God is calling me to do. Even though I’ll be doing it scared. As Lisa-Jo says…scared is the new brave. And you are not alone! We are going to have SO much fun at Declare, my friend!! Love you so. xoxo

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