Five Minute Friday -Close



Today I am joing the community of writing at Lisa Jo’s blog for Five Minute Friday.  The challenge is to write for 5 minutes on a given word each Friday.  Set a timer, don’t over think , don’t stress and then share your thoughts with others.

One of my biggest hopes for my kids ais that they would be close as they grow into adulthood.  When I see siblings who really enjoy being together there is something magic about it.  How does it happen? What did their parents do to make this happen?

As I see my kids live in close spaces with each other day in and day out I pray that they will see what I I see the opportunity to have amazing best friends right here in their house.

My kids are so different  in so many ways. I pray that they are able to cheer each other on in their differences and not compare. God made them so uniquely but chose them as siblings for a reason.

Just like so many other areas of parenting I will continue to pray for wisdom. Wisdom to teach them how to look to the needs of others before their own, help their brother up when he is down, and enjoy their company both now and into the future.




9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday -Close

  1. Hi Amy, I have always enjoyed reading your blog. I have wanted to write or possibly start a blog for quite some time now. I looked up Lisa Jo’s blog to start the process, but never received any info or follow up on getting the word for Friday. What process did you use to get info? I appreciate any info you might be able to pass on.


    Shari Hayden


    • Hi Sheri! I just follow her blog. So I get an email with her post that has the word in it. I also follow her on Facebook too. I would live to read your blog. I am learning little bits at a time.

  2. Hi Amy, I’m visiting today from the FMF community (even though it is Tuesday already. Do we get grace for the holiday weekend??). This is sweet, and I love the picture. I have 6 siblings and although we are all very different we are still close now that we are adults. There is a special tie that bonds siblings together. I pray that my three children will grow up to be best friends as well. Keep sharing!

    • Thanks for visiting! I always live to hear about siblings that are close. I wish there was a magic formula but I will continue to trust that The Lord is leading their steps.

  3. Amy I love this post! Maybe because I know your kiddos and can see my own sibling relationships in them. I believe my brothers and I have the friendships we have today because our parents were intentional about spending time together as a family. Whether with each other day to day at sports games, or driving across the country on vacations, we came to know and trust those closest to us deeply.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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