Things I learned in March and April


This month I am linking up with Emily to share some things that I have learned these last few months.

  1. Writing a budget works.  For the last 2 years or so we have been using a cash only budget. People ask me all the time “How do you make it on 1 teacher salary with 4 kids in California?”  We plan, don’t buy many extras, and eat out very rarely.  It is hard I won’t lie.  Just last night we were at a family’s HUGE house that looked like Pottery Barn and I came home and cried.  I have to continually remind myself that our priorities are for me to stay home, save money, and stay out of debt. Each month Jeff and I go over the month and plan our budget.  We look ahead to the next month and talk about what is coming up.  Is there a birthday, car repairs, shoes needed?  It is really important to do it together.  Jeff notices things that I don’t like light bulbs, oil changes, and the holes in his shoes.  So in February I didn’t want to write a budget.  I decided to just use our debit card. Well, guess what, by the last week there wasn’t money left and we ate out way too much.  Which leads me to #2
  2. Planning meals helps you save money and eat healthier.  Again this is not brain surgery but I learned it again this month.  We have baseball practice or a game 4 times a week and most of the day Saturday.  I usually plan meals around that.  I pack sandwiches, use the crockpot or have a simple meal ready at home when we get there.  The snack bar is not a place to eat dinner.  It is junk food and my kids always end up hungry and then I have to feed them again at home.  When I am organized I have my kids pack their dinners in their school lunch boxes for baseball games.  They seem to eat them better if it is packed just for them.  
  3. The faster you run the more calories you burn.  For the last six weeks I have been getting up super early 3 times a week to complete the Couch to 5K running program.  Now that I have a Iphone I am able to use Map my run which I love.  I can connect that with My Fitness Pal and it lets me know how many calories I burned.  There are days that when I run my motivation is to get more calories to eat.  Just telling the truth!  When my time is better I burn more calories who knew!
  4. I should have bought Identity theft insurance last month.  I have had the wonderful     task of dealing with cell phones being opened up in my name and racking up a $440 charge.  I have spent hours on the phone, filed a police report, and written letters to get my credit report.  I now have ID theft insurance for $12.90 a month.  If this happens to me again they will take care of all the problems and insure me up to a million dollars.  Check it out.
  5. Being a Mom to older kids is something to look forward too.  This month I had a moment with my oldest who is 11 which made me realize how much I enjoy conversations with him.  Although babies and toddlers are adorable and don’t have homework they are a lot of work, different work that older kids or so I have found.
  6. Anyone can run if they just start slow and work their way up. I can run a whole 5K in 30 minutes this past month for the first time.  It was such a huge accomplishment to me.  It was a goal I set and I stuck to it.
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2 thoughts on “Things I learned in March and April

  1. I am learning the same things about older kids. I am enjoying my kids more than I used to. My oldest is 8 but I have been having some lovely conversations with her lately. Loved reading your list.

    I don’t love to run. I guess I never conditioned my body well enough, and I injured myself the first time I started training. I wish I did love it though.

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