Meal Planning Monday #2

Meal Planning Monday #2

Well, last week I had such a great response to my meal planning post I thought I would keep it up.  Many times during the week I looked back at my post to remember what I said I was making.  So here goes week two:

Monday: Potato Leek soup and homemade cheese bagels ( I made this tonight.  The soup wasn’t a big hit but the bagels were yummy!)

Tuesday: Meatball sandwiches with homemade hoagie rolls and steamed broccoli

Wednesday:  Big Thunder Railroad Barbecue at Disneyland

Thursday: Turkey burgers (My husband makes these I don’t even know what goes into them), sweet potato fries (still looking for a good recipe) and homemade pretzel buns.

Friday: Spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra cheese

Saturday: Tacos (frozen meat from last week)

Sunday: Butternut Squash soup (still deciding on this recipe too)

Feels good to have it planned and shopped for.  Happy Planning!

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