When Spiderman Comes to Dinner

ImageDinnertime is an adventure when you have 4 kids.  We have made it a priority to have dinner together almost every night.  I don’t know if you have heard the statistic about how important it is to eat dinner as a family.  There is a study (or so I have heard) that says having dinner as a family helps decrease the chance that your kids will get involved in drugs or alcohol.  There have been many dinners when the chaos is so loud and many cups of milk have been spilled that Jeff and I look at each other and say “We are doing this so they don’t do drugs”.  One of the biggest struggles we have is keeping people in their seats.  They get up for another drink, to go to the bathroom or to kick around the basketball that we already told them to stop playing with.  The amount of training that goes on at dinner is amazing teaching them how to  ask for someone to pass the food, eat some veggies before you have more mac and cheese, and my favorite your tongue shouldn’t touch your plate as you slurp up your food.  A few times in the last weeks there have been some serious craziness at dinner.  So about a week ago I have started dinner making everyone raise their right hand and repeat after me ” I promise to stay in my seat and if I don’t I will go straight to my room and not get anymore food.”  Tonight after saying the dinnertime pledge Tanner asked to go to the bathroom to which I said no you can wait.  Then a few minutes later he asked again to which I said no.  He finally asked again and I said go ahead.  I figured if he asked 3 times and didn’t forget about it so he must really have to go.  We went on with dinner until a surprise guest showed up.  We turned to look and Spiderman had come to join us for dinner.  Jeff said “Tanner go to your room” just before Jeff started to laugh uncontrollably.  You know that kind of laugh when your body shakes, tears roll down your eyes, and you don’t even make a sound.  Then we all started laughing hysterically because what else are you supposed to do when Spiderman comes to dinner.                                                                                              


7 thoughts on “When Spiderman Comes to Dinner

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