Five Minute Friday-Tree


There is a beautiful tree on the corner of our street.  In Southern California we can sometime lack for true fall trees but this one is a beauty.  I have spent lots of time at that tree.  You see my kids walk to school each morning and I stand at that tree and watch them.  Many mornings we all stop at the corner while I pray for their days.  I ask God to watch over them, for them to work hard, and I thank God for their teachers.  I send them on their way while Madeline Joy and I wait for them to cross the street and head to the back gate of the school.  Some mornings I look at them can’t believe how grown up they are and some mornings I take a deep breath and ask for forgiveness from my crazy morning.  But one of my favorite times at that tree is when they are half way down the street and they look back to see if I am still watching.  Sometimes I want to scream out “You bet I am still watching you!” I want them to know without a doubt that I will always be there for them.  No matter what our morning was like I will always be watching out for them.  For me this is a simple picture of what God wants to say to me.  There are times I screw up and I wonder if God is still watching out for me and I need to remember that he is screaming “You bet I am still watching you!”



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday-Tree

  1. This is absolutely beautiful – not as much the tree as your realness in your words . . . from crazying mornings asking for forgiveness, to watching them. THANK YOU for sharing!

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