Five Minute Friday- Grace

Grace is something I want to share with my kids.  I want them to not only know what is right and wrong but that there is grace when you make a bad choice.  I have a friend who has done tons of research into kids leaving their faith in college.  One of the things he found in his studies was that kids had a small understanding of what grace meant.  They were under the impression that once you screwed up you were out and could never come back.  How sad is that to feel that we live in a Christian community  that has taught our kids that there is no room for grace.

What a hard concept to teach our kiddos now when they are little.  How many times a day do I say good choices bring rewards and bad choices bring consequences?  This is true but we all make bad choices.  In our house we have had a job jar (one of the many systems I have tried) if you misbehave you earn a job from the jar.  Some jobs are easier than others.  But there is one slip of paper that has the word “Grace” on it.  If they pick that paper then they do not have to do a job. They have been extended grace a free pass from the consequence they deserved.  I just pray that as they grow in their understanding of grace from Jesus that I would have been a helper as they learn.

5 minute friday


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Grace

  1. I love that you are here, friend, sharing your beautiful heart at Five Minute Friday! You are such an amazing mom…surely your kids will know grace because I see you extend it to those around you all the time.

  2. Wow, how I love seeing you here and sharing your thoughts at the FMF community! Love you so so much…and YES! May our kids know and come to understand grace as we model and give grace to their forming hearts. I am with you! xo

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