Wise Words

So today we went to the library to return books and just hang out.  When returning the books I realized that there were a lot of books I hadn’t read to Madeline and Tanner.  My husband Jeff does the bedtime routine mostly so he reads the stories.  I am always realizing that this time with my littles is short so I should take the time to read with them.  So today during bedtime we read The Kissing Hand.  It is a great book if you don’t know it.  My two kiddos snuggled up to me as I read and I thought to myself this is what it should be like.  I need to remember to spend time with them not sjust care for them.  Then it came time to read our devotional book.  My husband and I have joked that usually someone is yelling, spilling something or hitting their brother when we read the Bible.  It is not usually a sweet scene of Biblical truths being shared.  But tonight I thought just maybe I could share a little nugget of God’s truth to them that they would tuck away in their precious little hearts.  So the devotion was from Proverbs 10:31 A good person says wise things.  It talked about Zoe and Jack whispering wise words to each other.  It said that wise words are helpful, truthful and kind.  When I was finished reading Madeline nuzzled up to my ear to tell me a wise word or so I hoped.  In her sweetest little voice she said “Scary Poop!”  Really “SCARY POOP!”  I just looked at her paused and started to laugh.  What more can I do in all of these crazy moments that I get a front row seat to.  Hang in there Mamas!  Ending another crazy day here at the Grable’s house.


3 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. So true. my goal everyday is to experience the whole spectrum of moments with my boys – sweet, mischievious, crazy, messy – because today will never happen again. Leave the laundry, dishes and dirty floor for a moment, my boys are only this age once but there will always be housework!

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